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"Discover The Secret Strategies That Have Made Me More Productive, While At The Same Time Making Me More Money, Reducing Stress, and Giving Me More Free Time!"


"I am going to show you how to kill information overwhelm forever and how to make meaningful and measurable progress in your business and your life!" - Fireman Mike

From: The Desk Of Fireman Mike LeMoine

Local Marketer, Fireman, Family Man (Super Busy Guy)
I know you’ve heard the Albert Enstein quote about insanity. He said,
“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

There are major problems plaguing local marketers, online marketers, and business owners. Everyone is dealing with information overload.

You know what it is but do you know what it is doing to you? Before I tell you let me break down several aspects of information overload.

  • Shiny Object Syndrome
  • Email Overload
  • Day To Day Life
SOS or Shiny Object Syndrome

You know that fact that every new thing that comes out grabs your attention, kills your productivity, robs you of your time and unfortunately empties your bank account.

You jump from product to product and are about as effective as chasing a butterfly and trying to catch it with your bare hands.

Most people are addicted to WSO’s like a druggie is addicted to crack. Online product launches consume hours of our time and waste precious dollars.

What’s worse is how much of this stuff have you really used and implemented. I would guess very little because you are usually on to the next product.

It’s not your fault. In this letter I will reveal why this happens and show you how to over come it. But first I have to share another aspect of overwhelm with you.

Email Overload

Yep, your dreaded inbox. You know instinctively that your email is slowly killing you.

Your inbox is cluttered with every online product offer that is available in your niche.

Not only that, but there are all retail emails trying to get you to buy, then your client emails, product updates and lets not forget all the spam.

Email overwhelm sucks more of your valuable life away then you care to think about.

You know that you need to control your email but it is controlling you.

Again this is not your fault, but it affects you.

Day To Day Life

In addition to that there is just the general day-to-day stuff that is on your plate as well as the dreaded social media sites.

You have to think about your job, the bills, your family, taxes and all the other junk that is necessary but uses up valuable space in your brain.

All this adds up to you being totally overwhelmed.

“Information Overload to You Is What Kryptonite Is To Superman.”

Information Overload:

  • Paralyzes you
  • Steals your time
  • Robs you of your dreams
  • Eats away at your life
  • Leaves you feeling stuck
You Are Not Living Up To Your Full Potential!

stickdoodles_070812_9Your mind is overloaded and cluttered, you lack focus, you have more stress, and you just can’t seem to break the cycle.

I know how it is, you spend all day being busy. If your’re like I was, you work at night too. At the end of your day, not only do you feel like you got nothing done, but you are exhausted too.Your brain is fried and you don’t have much to show for it.

Then you get up the next morning and start checking email thus starting the cycle again.

  • You know that the time you are spending to get ahead is time that you can’t spend with your kids or your spouse.
  • You know that if you could overcome this overwhelm in your life, you could be more productive, make more money and achieve your dreams.
  • You know you are not making the money that you are worth and that causes a ton of stress and conflict. Life does not have to be this way.

It is because of all the problems we just talked about that I have put together Overwhelm Assassin.Overwhelm Assassin Is The Solution To Kill The Overwhelm In Your Life. I want you living the truly productive, profitable, and happy life you were meant to live. I want you to have a successful business and not to be controlled by all the junk we have talked about. I know it is possible because I have done it.

Here’s My Story:

I run a very successful local marketing business I also create online products for local marketers and do coaching too. I addition to running our business I also still work 48-72 hours a week as a firefighter. I am also a husband and a proud dad with 3 kiddos.

Needless to say when I started my business 3 years ago I was swamped. Trying to learn a new business, stay up to date with changes and new stuff, dealing with clients, my job, my email, and all the other stuff that consumes us was killing me.

I was missing my family, losing money, and knew that there had to be a better way.

I made a decision that I would get rid of the overwhelm once and for all. I began studying and reading everything related to productivity.

I consumed the stuff!

But more than just learning it I began to implement what I was learning.

Some of the stuff was pure crap and cost me time and money. Other things were pretty good.

I tried all kinds of software, outsourcing, organization techniques. You name it I probably tried it.  I spent over a year of my life implementing this stuff, and I spent thousands of dollars to learn it and try it.

The end result is that I developed a system that works.

I have shared my system with my team and high-end clients and they say it is life changing. I have taught it at masterminds and have people taking notes like crazy.

I think the reason people love what I teach is because it is real world stuff that works for busy people. Most people can’t afford to take a lot of time to implement some exotic system.

Mine is simple, straightforward, and tested. Most of it is absolutely free which is important because people don’t have a ton of money to spend on all this high-end software and gadgets.

Another great thing about my system is that it does not require any more work. As a matter of fact, you will end up working less, gaining more time, and being more productive. I am all about working smarter, not harder.

For The First Time Ever I Am Now Teaching My Entire System Overwhelm Assassin System!

megapack copy

The Great Thing About Overwhelm Assassin Is That You Can Implement It Right Away and Get Immediate Results!

What If You Could Gain Just 1 Extra Hour A Day? An Extra 7 Hours A Week!

  • What would your life be like?
  • What could you do with that?
  •  What is your time worth?

Most people have immediate results just by implementing a few things;

  • They become more productive
  • Have More Free Time
  • Make More Money

When you implement my system you will have;

  • Less Email
  • Less Clutter
  • Less Stress
  • You will be happier
  • You will become more productive
  • You will have more free time
  • You will ultimately make more money too


Invaluable Lesson:

Let’s stop real quick and let me tell you a lesson that I learned that has been invaluable.

I learned to value my time. In the beginning of my business I did not to this.

Let me ask you, what is your time worth?

I was totally scared when I began valuing my time at just $50 an hour. But I did. I made the decision that if a task was worth less then that $50 an hour I would not do it. I also decided that if my time was worth 50 bucks an hour I better protect it.

Guess what? I made a lot more money!

“Again I ask what is your time worth? Remember time is money. Any time you spend not doing money-making tasks is like throwing away money.”

I want you to imagine what your life would be like if you were not addicted to email.If every night you went to bed at a decent hour with your inbox at zero. Imagine waking up more rested and not feeling the stress of the day hitting you. Imagine having systems in place to protect your time. You would be making more money, you would have more confidence because you have control in your life. You would be more connected to your spouse and kids. Thus you would be happier and could spend more time enjoying life

Imagine not feeling like you have to buy every WSO that comes out….Awesome!

This is not some dream, this is what is possible if you learn a few things to make yourself more productive and had rules and systems in place to help you.

This is all possible by learning my overwhelm assassin system. My system will make you more productive freeing you up to focus on the really important tasks you have to get done. You will learn to have a clear and calm mind, not a cluttered and stressed out brain. You will accomplish more than you ever thought possible. You will be more alive, have more energy, and be more relaxed….all while making more money.

“I couldn’t more highly endorse Mike LeMoine. I’ve had the privilege of being a part of one of his coaching groups this past year and it has done wonders for my personal & professional life. Thanks to Mike & his team I’ve accomplished more and have much greater prospects for a brighter future as a result. Anytime you can get accepted into one of Mike’s coaching groups don’t wait, jump at the chance. You’ll be glad you did. I am.

Kevin Glenn -Local Marketer

“I have been blessed to work closely with Fireman Mike.

Working with Fireman Mike he has taught me multiple strategies to unlock not only my potential, but my team’s potential as well.

In fact, I flew him here to CT to strategize with my team for a morning.  The entire team’s mindset changed after spending just a few hours with him.

You see, Mike has the ability to get you outside of your comfort zone and push you even further than you think is even possible.

His passion for helping not only small businesses grow, but for helping people succeed is infectious.   If given the opportunity to work with him on any level … don’t let the opportunity pass you by – take advantage, as you won’t regret it.  We all have the potential inside of us to exceed our goals, whatever they may be.  Sometimes, we just need a little help unlocking that potential.  On a personal level, Mike thank you for unlocking my potential as this has also allowed me to serve more people in ways I didn’t even think was possible.”

James Nicholas & Jimmy Marketing

“You know, I’ve always been driven to push myself to be the best at whatever I do. Working with Mike over the past few years has helped me push even harder, and to also realize how valuable my time is… That sometimes me letting someone else handle a task better serves me and the company because being free of that task allows me to do what only I can do and bring to the team.

I’ve learned a lot about prioritizing my day and tasks to ensure things get done which need to get done.

I’ve also learned that being busy isn’t necessarily being productive.

On a final note, one if the biggest life lessons I’ve learned from Mike is the “why”! “Why do we do anything we do in life or as a team?” If what we are doing doesn’t benefit our families, the team, or move things forward, then we are better off focusing on something else. Life is too short to waste time. Am I being the best me I can be?””

Sean Fonseca & Maverick Web Marketing

Look, I have shared what I know about productivity and systems with a lot of people and everyone who implements my systems have had success in dealing with overwhelm. Now I want to share it with you!

 I have spent a ton of time to put together my system for you.

In Overwhelm assassin you will get access to my strategies and my philosophy of productivity. In addition to that, I will teach you exactly what I do to make my life run more smoothly.

  • I will help you understand what your time is worth
  • I will help you reach your goals
  • I will teach you how to avoid Shiny Object Syndrome
  • I will show you why you are addicted to email and how to break it
  • I will show you how to achieve inbox zero
  • I will share with you how I use the free tool called Evernote
  • I will show you how to clear your brain while never losing anything
  • I will share with you all my software resources that I use

This is not just theory, this is detailed instruction so you can duplicate what I do.

This program is in video format and put together over several modules. You will also get mp3 recordings of these modules as well.

Here’s a more detailed look at my step-by-step course:








So How Much Is Overwhelm Assassin Worth To You?

The value of such a system is huge. I normally charge $750 dollars an hour for one on one consulting.

There is no other place to get access to my productivity system. Again you have to look at what your time is worth.

If using my system just gave you 2 extra hours to make a memory with your kids, it would be so worth it right.

Now think about all that you could do in your life if you have

  • More time
  • More money
  • Less stress
  • Happiness
  • had systems in place to help you for a lifetime

You would do incredible things, you would live the life you were meant to live and you would finally feel like you “made it” and had “success”!

Look I will be the first to say that this product is not something people know me for. I could teach you some offline marketing tactic but that would be a cheap insult when I can teach you how to kill overwhelm.

I want to help you achieve more. I want to help you get your New Year started right. This product will not be at this super low price forever. After this initial launch the price will go up to $97. At $97 it will be a great deal.

However I wanted to help you get a killer jump start on your New Year. 

megapack copy

We are also giving you MP3 Recordings Of All Videos Too!

Now is the time to make the commitment to live life differently. Nothing else matters if you are stressed out and living hell on earth. You can have the business you want and the life you want. You are not far away, you just need to learn a few things to manage overwhelm in your life and you know that you can have a breakthrough year. One of the first things in learning to be more productive is to stop procrastination. I urge you to take action and get access to Overwhelm Assassin now!

Overwhelm Assassin

Fast Action Bonus!

To give you even more incentive to take action I have a fast Action Bonus that will not be around for long.


So act now and not only get access to my entire Overwhelm Assassin System but also join us for the FREE LIVE Q&A Webcast! If this was a piece of software or a marketing piece I could understand waiting. However we are talking about CHANGING YOUR LIFE! There should be no delay. The secrets I am sharing with you will be invaluable for the rest of your life. I look forward to teaching you on the inside!

  • Yes I want to get rid of overwhelm
  • Yes I want to be more productive
  • Yes I want to be happier
  • Yes I want to have more free time
  • Yes I want to make more money
  • Yes I am ready to have my best year ever

Overwhelm Assassin

Remember The Definition Of Insanity From The Beginning? If you don’t change nothing will change for you!

I look Forward to seeing you on the inside and to having you join us for the LIVE Q&A Broadcast!

Fireman Mike LeMoine

P.S.  Let me remind you that this price will not be available for long. I would love to share with you my strategies and what I know about killing overwhelm and having success. I look forward to seeing you inside the members area! Have a great 2013!

P.P.S. Please don’t just buy this to “give it a try”, that is no way to start out the New Year. If you are serious about taking control of the overwhelm, then I would love to teach you.

If you are not serious then please don’t buy this product. I only want to help people who want the help and will take what I am teaching seriously. After all it will change your life if you do.

P.P.P.S Let me tell you that one of the first rules of being more productive is to kill procrastination. You have a decision to make.

You can face the New Year and do the same things you did last year. You can end up frustrated because you are wasting time and money, missing opportunities, and are not productive. You can continue with the stress and overwhelm.

OR you can take control, eliminate Shiny Object Syndrome, become focused and have the best year ever. The choice is really yours. I urge you not to procrastinate.